The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Minimum and Recommended Requirements for PC

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I imagine that the RPG lovers have well marked on your calendar on 11 November, I am wrong? It is the day on which the new installment in the Elder Scrolls saga goes on sale both PC and PS3 and Xbox 360. The day in which many will say goodbye to your family members and add as an excuse that you are going to travel. In Skyrim, specifically.

Those who have thought to do with 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' version for PC can continue reading if you want to find out the minimum and recommended requirements that Pete Hines of Bethesda has become known through your Twitter. The rest can follow with your lives as if none of this had happened:

Minimum requirements

* Operating system: Windows 7/XP/Vista (32 or 64 bits)
* Processor Dual Core 2 GHz
* 2 GB of RAM
* Graphics card with 512 MB of RAM and DirectX9c

Recommended requirements

* Operating system: Windows XP/7
* Processor Quad-Core Intel/AMD
* 4 GB of RAM
* 6 GB of hard disk space
* DirectX-compatible sound card
* Graphics card with DirectX9c with 1 GB of memory. GTX 260/RAdeon 4890 or higher

The truth is that the minimum requirements are not bad. It should be taking into account that the recommended requirements would be to play in High, so if we want to put it at full blast to take Ultra still will have to be a little upload specifications.

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