Final Fantasy Type-0: Here You Have Your Complete Intro

Forget about the sugarcane tone of the intro of 'Final Fantasy X' of the J.R.R.Tolkien touch that of 'Final Fantasy XI' or the influence of 'Star Wars' of 'Final Fantasy XII'. The beginning of 'Final Fantasy Type-0' is slow, ochre, violent, bloody and desperate.

Accustomed to the exultant animated mini movies to usually give foot on an adventure into the worlds created by Square Enix, surprised the extremely gloomy atmosphere of the next 'Final Fantasy'. Portable originated subtracts points at the level of graphical spectacular, but does not condition a negative thing interesting expect what awaits us.

Just a week ago we talked about the benefits of the game. It gives the feeling of 'Final Fantasy Type-0' has grown to reach maturity and does not want to hear from its progenitor. The colorful 'Final Fantasy XIII' proposal came accompanied by too many shortcomings to want to look like it.

This PSP game is ambitious in its own way, alien to nearby influences and friend of alien formulas. I not too communion with the spirit of bleak if this is a synonym for emo. I hope that so much sadness and anger remain in this strange intro, and the world open after our eyes is worthy of the dignity which in other times took the franchise.


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