The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Video Showing The Passage Of The Artistic Concept To The Final Game

A few years ago I made an animated short by computer. It was a hard work of several months in which I tried to build from scratch the screenplay it had written and artistic direction that had drawn. Finally, see what mounted meant an enormous pride. Almost without knowing how, I got that result was visually fixed and what they had imagined. See moving everything gave me a moment of satisfaction that I have never forgotten.

Saving the (huge, huge, huge) distances, I can imagine how the creators of video games should feel when they see their creations reflected on the screen. The enormous work of sketches and designs comes to us so that we can delight us walking by them in virtual form. It is a pleasure to see videos like this 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim', and more knowing its heady scale.

The expected title of Bethesda will come to market on Friday of the week to come, in this already iconic (11/11/11). Remember then, when you see this mountainous landscape that is lost in the horizon, the long hours of dedication that behind every feeling that travel through your body.


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