Final' Fantasy Type-0: Videos With Pre-recorded Scenes and Gameplay, A Breath Of Fresh Air Reaches The Franchise

Information about 'Final' Fantasy Type-0' has skyrocketed, have opened the lock and the data flow to GLUGs. After years of secrecy and hopes the videos appear every few days and generous in footage. Today we present two of them, one of seven minutes with scenes both CGI as FMV and another eleven focused on the gameplay. Fortunately it is much more satisfying and interesting the second.

The video that you see on these lines can be a bit boring, perhaps because it is impossible to empathize with the fragments of a story that we do not know. Once we are in full play, in a context, these images will pick up sense. We show below does not need any support, moreover, offer light on the mechanics of the game and, I dare say, is a breath of fresh air after the recent criticism by the franchise.

Abandon the shifts by direct action; we move by huge and open environments, they appear even unpublished details as a strategy in real time and air combat. Since then, 'Final' Fantasy Type-0' separates project which initially, because it the world created around 'Final Fantasy XIII'.

The 27th of this month the game goes on sale in Japan for two UMD in PSP, such is their ambition. It would be good that the result was at the height of what I Intuit, this installment of the saga is joining Japanese role-playing games that are proving that we are still faced with a living genus ('Xenoblade', 'Dark Souls', 'Ni no kuni'...), that Square Enix began to leave behind a decadent market it same to helped to create.

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