The 'Mass Effect 3' Assault Rifle: You Also Want It And Can Buy It

Collectors, lifts you and make a fist with your axe this piece are you cannot escape. Video game companies know they have a reef with statues and replicas of elements of the games and at BioWare do clearer than anyone else. Therefore been encouraged to launch its impressive Rifle of assault M-8 in 'Mass Effect 3'.

Scale real, hand-painted by artists of the TriForce, manufactured in Polystone and with a length of almost 1 m, a height of 30 inches and a whopping 10 Kg of body weight. An authentic hallucinates and is that with this replica of the weapon of Commander Shepard your level will rise 40 points at once. But, you know best?

It is an editing very, very limited to only 500 units were produced (remember that they are finished by hand) so if you decide to buy one probably are the only ones of the Group of colleagues who can bring it to the disco. To flirt with aunts freaks, it refers to. Or at the Salon of the comic of your city, which seems a priori more appropriate place.

The bad news? Clear friends, the price. $650 is what its costs and also must be with eye to be a replica of an assault rifle can be in customs (if you live outside of the United States) they choose confiscate it and BioWare already warns that pasta will not be refunded..

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