Ni no Kuni Will Come To Europe Thanks To Namco Bandai

I'm going to say bluntly, and I think that few negative replies I have with my sentence: 'Ni no Kuni' is the title most beautiful of this generation. Long, also. All the magic of Studio Ghibli has moved with an exceptional success into a video game thanks to the good do the study Level-5. It's like living an OVA big, be the protagonists. Is there someone who may not like it? Is it perhaps possible?

I don't know if it will be possible, but what was not so sure until recently was seen 'Ni no Kuni' in our territory, and fortunately now we can forget this problem, that in 2012 we will receive in our area thanks to Namco Bandai. Still have to specify the exact date, but it will come, which is not little. Although it will soon have to leave in Japan (November 17), and then in the United States, for where it is being localized into English. What we will end up getting in our language? It is something we still do not have news, but everything will be when the time comes.

Now is the time of the story recalling one of its past and magic videos. Is there someone who may not like it? Is it perhaps possible?

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