EA Releases the legend of Dragon age for Facebook

Electronic Arts announced that age of the Dragon legends RPG online, now all Facebook users around the world.

Legends of Dragon age, BioWare and EA cooperation between Play4Free Studio EA2D, extended action RPG franchise and new forms of gambling leads to Facebook. Legends of Dragon age coming directly from Dragon age II, is now available on the market. Player specific or more Dragon age legends to five exclusive products for use in Dragon age II victory.

"" We built a legend of Dragon age with a single goal in mind: quality AAA games to bring BioWare is known for its social space "," said mark last CEO EA2D "". ". Legends of the Dragon age RPG brings and true and combat style in this massive social platforms and she gave a BioWare for quality blockbuster, raise the bar for gaming. »

Free Dragon age brands main Setup, set II, joined Dragon age, legends, accessible and engaging to transform tactical battlefield with access cooperative gameplay. Facebook just recruited players online RPG, their friends and realm battle journey with complex quests in jumping. RPG classics, all players share loot and make awards with their hero makes his friends grow and their Kingdom. The game contains a nice character Setup and upgrade a system that allows players to fight demons and Darkspawn, hero in Dragon age Universe.

BioWare develops console, PC and online games focused on rich stories, characters and worlds.

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