WildTangent's fate: the curse of King releases

The dungeon crawl adventure ROLLENSPIEL, customizable characters and commercials in the game

Redmond, wash., March 30, 2010/PRNewswire/-WildTangent today announced the release of destiny: cursed King RPG, fourth episode of the Award Winning WildTangent games. Games Download Dungeon crawler series appear with success after the release of the original game in 2005 Finalist "rpg of the year" was named by PC Gamer.

FATE: Felis King became a player in search of a hero as they fight Ekbatan to prevent that the wicked priest you seek revenge on King Kala. Cursed the King has a new dungeons, new quests and new characters including PAT inspired fan, Strider, selected for definition of contests for Facebook page animals in official games.

The cursed King-the new instalment in the series, fate, which allows players to recruit allies, controlled by the computer. New weapons, armor, spells and even hairstyles were added to the King, cursed to improve games.

In a new chapter of players, so get in touch with friends via Facebook. Social functions include:

* Recruit allies with copies of the friends of the heroes

* Material on caravan trade

* Total rating and News Ticker

* Ability to earn 20 facilities for heroic deeds

FATE: Felis King has been rated e 10 rating for all players are able to charge and he leased digital currency, WildCoins WildTangent games. Free sessions, leasing can take hours at a time. Since Monster treasure and adventure players can choose if they want to have the game; and as always, all Rental towards purchase. Game purchase price is $ 19.99.

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