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FAIZUL Azim SAIFUL is mass effect to too many RPG games in the future at all levels and will be rewarded with crystal ball

Mass effect 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

And far, focused on the nature of RPGS, entered into force on mass master (2007) World Games in fear, it is better to tell the history of the players feel like they were "new generation" on a map.

BioWare has proved that the Knights of the old Republic series not only straw fire. And now that they have standards even with mass effect 2.

In mass effect's Commander Shepard 2 players identity, declared the soldiers decorated and solo, mostly as a hero of humanity. You people in a wide range of Galactic races who inhabited. PlayStation 3 is a story about a player, what games do not receive the first mass effect, summed up the Interactive comic, made famous by Dark Horse Comics. "Prologue sequence" serves as important points but has played verges on more complex subtleties that might keep some of the epic beginning of this saga.

In this second visit to the universe, you must create a group of mercenaries and stakeholders prior to the mission unless the economies of mass galaxies.

Shepard is the creation of your own work, but would rather not play your normal game Heroes. As a player at Shepard biographical background reminiscent of an Assembly. You are on your character's personality and reputation, which in turn created the experience for you.

Once you have developed your character in your trusty ship, Normandy and are ambushed in deep space to find. Their ship is destroyed, your crew parted ways, and you are dead links. If you wake up, it has been two years, and you find that you have returned the dead through dedication and resources The despised Cerberus during your military career.

Now, you find yourself in a situation where the only people who seem to trust you, so you at least confidence. This is the last and travels, which is mass effect 2 and stimulates the main story in the beginning, at the end.

Comics mentioned above occurs as a series of dreams in the fog that Cerberus takes place between your "dead" and your alarm on the ship. Use this comic purely optional, it is highly recommended for beginners and former players. It takes only 15 minutes and retraining. You may also have some important decisions on original games, personality Shepard comics. Imagine how the type of book you choose your own adventure ". Experience gives you an idea of what the game has a bit of Creative Commons and you prepare you for difficult decisions will certainly occur in this adventure.

You should also think of solutions, you are at the third position in the series for you, your stored data. Keep in mind that when you move the various missions you end up "which decide that Commander Shepard and the character might be in future hours with you for many games.

Action sequences are exceptional. Although each mission, the same general structure (usually your way through the field point key plot in combat), and mechanical levels are intelligent and competent coverage of joy make enough shots. Add the ability to manage your team's companions separately and biotic powers or the use of technology is the depth that identifies the scene called for action at this time, so you attack paths to be part of a team (or defend)-and you.

Mass effect 2 is filled with some of the most attractive people can hope to achieve, and the script was carefully designed to give you a sense that some important information about cat, leads to the next task.

Both planets and space stations, command the Assembly Tower cracks in saviors of the Galaxy and all sorts of strange and sometimes sexy foreign meets, see. the endless quests and secondary intrigue, is to receive. Even if you choose not to receive most of their existence strengthens the message of peace, the impact of mass as a function of the universe.

The most important aspect of the game is in dialogue and moral decisions, you're on your way. Each decision that you in your physical activity and your words on around you. Good decisions will be rewarded with Paragon points, which increase your reputation in a positive sense, as tough decisions increases your renegade points and that reputation even.

During your adventure you will probably be in two categories. As you accumulate points on each side over time, various options and actions are available for dialogue. The same system that was in the original game and, of course, in the third.

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