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It was a cruel long winter, but I am organizing for another game. I had a few nice, Grayling, sword and Spell online games, but nothing quite takes the place of game face to face. One of the campaigns that I work revolves around stars without number.

I know, as I know, I'm late for the train running on it, but when I read the free pdf, I couldn't believe that this game was free. Of course, there is a softcover and hardcover thus version, seeking to buy from that income is free.

What is SWN got going for it, when there are already so other games space and sci-fi I like? Well, it's the mechanics should be instantly familiar to anyone who has already been exposed to classic d & d. The skills system closer Voyageur, creation of a game that feels very familiar. This is not a game that is difficult to invest in, either financially or in learning.

I also like the subsystems of factions and battle starship very easy-to-learn. Character creation is simple, but has a surprising amount of depth with the background and training customizations.

I would say more, but it's really worth your time to at least check Stars without number. I love StarCluster3, a thousand Suns, and much more space and science fiction games, but there must be room for SWN there, too.

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