A frustrating season

For many of us, this time of year is a time of hope, renewal and goodwill towards men of our fellow citizens. Unfortunately, when it comes to our group of game, it is quite a season of frustration.

This last Friday was another example of massive cancellations/withdrawals regards our Pathfinder camapaign. It is now more than a month that we actually ran a game. My own part in it is not proud. real life has come, and I confess that I was cancelled in the past. However, I was not satisfied in this regard, and I hoped to play Friday. It does not, and I doubt that we will meet during the holidays, which means that I must look to January before our game group meets back up.

It is not my first time as part of a group of unstable game. life rises, and that is how it is. This campaign, however, is not the kind that can be treated by a sandboxer Marches West-style, or a number of quests One-Shot. It has a theme more unified course, and I fear that we will have just killed.

Our game master began really much work with this campaign, and I feel bad for him, pure and simple. I was in the Chair, and it is not a fun feeling to see something you worked so hard on apparently rejected.

The end of last week, I took time out of my normal scouring advice game to think about things. I did not at day here, I did not read more of BASH! Edition full (even if I really wanted to) and fair reflection on gaming. I came to the conclusion, I still have the fire to it, but I need to find a way to better balance with my work and family life. Call it the new year's resolution. It is the kind of thing which is not fixed by cookie-cutter boards; I need to weigh things and discover where all this comes into play. I need to talk to my GM and see what he feels. We'll see where everything is, but I hope that find a better way to move forward.

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