Sport-based RPG

It is with no small amount of interest that I read the description of the Clash Bowley of baseball with the RPG, he works on. Baseball + role-playing games may seem a strange mixture, but when you consider the indie RPG, we have seen in recent years and their object, baseball seems altogether normal. Games of shock sound as it allows you to simulate games, seasons and more, as and roleplay your character in the clubhouse and the team. Of course, this may end up by being a niche market, niche RPG if this happens, but I think that it looks like lots of fun.

I mentioned here a few times that I would like to make a race (especially IZOD IndyCar) RPG, complete with rules, stats of the driver, racing on and off-piste fighting, etc. There seems to be a few precious RPG on the market of sports, but when you think about modern athletes as our Gladiators, it is a little more logical. Sports are such a huge battery of emotional energy for many people, I think that it would be possible to create a campaign that would really talk to people.

I realize it goes against the grain we geeks RPG as Pasty nerds who is never went outside, but I know, there is there sports fans. Could work an RPG of hockey? If the shock can make one for baseball, what football (American or other)?

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