'Bastion' Available On PC Later This Year But Dropped Arrival On PlayStation

'Bastion' has been chosen as the starting signal for the Xbox Live Arcade Summer of 2011, So the beautiful action RPG Supergiant Games developed by and is available for 1,200 Microsoft Points. But if you have an Xbox 360 and would like to enjoy this title, make sure that the PC will come later.

Its creators have confirmed that 'Bastion' will available on PC later this year; they want to take time to adapt properly to the control with keyboard and mouse. It may seem long, but keep in mind that talking about a small study and much more limited resources than those of a developer.

The bad news is that Supergiant Games has dropped for now its arrival on PlayStation Network because their intention is to focus on working one version simultaneously. However, although it is possible to put with it once the conversion to PC, so I guess it all depends on how well they go on sale in the coming months.

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