Dragon Age: 2 Vs. The Witcher 2 Vs. The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim: Part 3

The special

Dragon Age 2:

The most obvious feature is the game mechanics. Dragon Age 2 is the only game in this comparison, where we send an entire party in the struggle and the fight may pause to prepare in peace our tactics.

Also here Bioware golden touch to the character design and storytelling should be mentioned. Since Baldur's Gate the developers understand it like no one else put their story and their characters to great in scene, without the outside players to leave out. Exciting in this sense, the new narrative in flashback.

And we can safely assume that the game in the style of its predecessor, will fail again relatively brutal. As bloody and violent RPGs were rare. Therefore, Hawkes adventure aimed at adults in any case.

Also cool: Scores from the previous model can be imported. However, this has no direct impact on our group of heroes, but on the overall story. For example, who sits on the throne of Ferelden or how the dwarves have developed under new political leadership.

The Witcher 2:

The sorcerer adventure will probably offer the most dynamic struggles. Combining various skills makes a good impression so far.

In appearance and atmosphere of Geralt speaks well about the same target group as Hawke. The rather grim game world, the violence and especially the sex scenes make the game The Witcher 2 to a role-playing game for an adult audience. Just to everyone's favorite topic, sex, come back: Geralt is still a womanizer and the developers have to work a lot fun with it. So they miss the game extra to display Geralt's erotic escapades' epic and cinematic "cut scenes”, which are the feeling of sexual crackling created between the characters and want to set a new standard for the production of sex in video games.

As in Dragon Age 2 Scores can import it from its predecessor. However, the The Witcher 2 is also sometimes a direct impact on the history and course of the game.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Cataclysm:

In Skyrim is not just in Bethesda on a new graphics engine tinkering, but also to new game mechanics. So are computer-controlled characters (NPCs), thanks to the "Radiant AI story and" system used previously as a natural and dynamic behavior. If we drop about a weapon, it can happen that fight or two NPC's question brings us back to a child's part. In addition, the extras in the game world all follow a certain schedule, which should make the game world feel more realistic. In a logging town, for example, we will find the NPC during the day in the forest chopping wood. Even the dialogue system has to work, so the game will not pause, but talking will continue their activities.

What type of player is addressed?

Dragon Age 2 and The Witcher have two more by the linear control of the players a lot in common. The game is aimed primarily at players who are more than happy to take your hand, without sacrificing freedom to act and take decisions. Although we assume a direct influence on the game, yet still we move on a fixed rail system. What has the advantage that the story tight, emotional and epic can be told and we watch the characters more to the heart? So if you role-play in an atmosphere investigated, which is characterized mainly by their complex characters and the story is epic, these titles probably not wrong.

Skyrim is when Bethesda follows the tradition of his role playing, characterized by a very large game world in which each player writes his own story. This will be the main story because of the open world less linear, which makes the staging is usually less compelling than in more scripting titles with tighter control of the players, just like Dragon Age 2 and The Witcher second There will still be the usual myriad of side stories and fine Quest series, where we can employ for hours. A real game for explorers and adventurers.

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