'Crimson Alliance' and Its Curious And Successful Business Model

The Xbox Live Arcade Summer of 2011 is over, but if you buy all the games that were part of it know full well that Microsoft will give away at no charge in the future 'Crimson Alliance', whose release date, is set on Xbox Live Arcade on 7 September. In this way we saved 15 Euros, which never hurts for anything else.

What we did not expect is that Certain Affinity, the development studio in the past that brought us the hilarious 'Age of Booty', took the decision to adopt a different business model to try to attract more buyers, particularly those who are 15 a bit Euros for a game in downloadable format. I know many cases of it, actually.

This business model is to provide technically four types of 'Crimson Alliance'. On the one hand, the full game with all three available classes (mercenary, magician and murderer), which costs 15 Euros the above, and another game with only one class, obtaining, therefore, three sets: one with the mercenary, the other with the magician and the other with the murderer. In this case for 10 Euros.

Why so? Because the study said many people fond of hack'n slash ends up playing only one class. This will save 5 Euros unnecessary, since otherwise the game will be the same, and we can play co-op with people who have other classes. The only impediment is that we are unable to create us a different kind other than what we bought. Just that, because otherwise it will be the same game.

In this way, 10 Euros seem to me more attractive, but given that we get for 5 Euros plus the other two classes, the focus will be whether these two interest us or not, and based on that pay 15 Euros or only 10. The math does not fail, and this hack'n slash of XBLA not sleazy. Let's see if lives up to leave so soon, but for now I applaud this business model. Another story is opting for 15 Euros for a class and then 20 for the other two, but since last E3 as we knew its price look good. Besides you have to remove the monkey for the 'Diablo III' somehow, right?

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