'Dead Island' and Its Cooperative Trailer - Unity Is Strength

We're just a month's departure 'Dead Island' on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Since I had the chance to prove I've been waiting a few months will be looking forward to the time, but luckily it was about to be put up for sale. Deep Silver has announced that this work Techland, we will see in North America and Europe, thanks to our co-Koch Media, has entered the production phase, and from the team have decided to celebrate by offering a cooperative trailer.

Although it may seem at times, 'Dead Island' is not like the 'Left 4 Dead. There are zombies and survivors themselves, or even share the first-person view, but here we can explore the island freely, and your character will progress in the adventure learning new skills that will make you stronger. And while we can play the adventure alone, grace will do so in company with three other companions.

This new video for 'Dead Island' shows that part, with four players (Xian Mei, Logan, Sam B and Purna) wandering around the island, facing all your fears to try to survive and save as many lives as possible. It will not be plain sailing, but who said life was easy? If the challenge appeals to you, next September 9th we will have in our country.


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