Dead Island - List of Achievements

'Dead Island' is closer to us. Less than a month of its release in Europe and North America, one of the few things that we had to know was its list of accomplishments, something that not only bring us more points to our profile Xbox Live (or more trophies to our profile Playstation Network), but also for us to see a few more details about the game itself. One of those who had more desire to know was whether he would choose Techland fashion zombie to eliminate more than 53,590, and as discussed below have completely ruled out. Achievements / trophies to eliminate zombies are much more affordable.

On the other hand, we are rewarded for exploring the island, just be savored on foot or by car (we automatically transported to a safe area to another, although this does not count towards achievement, of course.)  'Dead Island' will not miss, though, the fashion of collecting collectibles, having a total of 120. Otherwise, there will be reaching a certain level with your character (up 50), complete "X" missions, or try your co-op. They do not seem very complicated, really.

From the list of achievements is 10 Secrets for a total of 205 G. Moreover, it said, a priori quite affordable, but always better to have them in company than alone.

Dead Island - List of achievements

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