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We all know that this totally wacky Japanese-RPG Games of all Final Fantasy. The Japanese role-playing is very influenced by Japanese pop culture. For many players this is "turned off" and colorful as they might do something with it.

For these players could Throne of Darkness be the perfect alternative, because Throne of Darkness takes you not influenced in a colorful anime world, but in both a serious and bloody era of the bloody history of Japan.

The Seven Samurai

In Throne Darkness of her struggles as a 7-member troupe warrior on the side of Castle Mori, Oda, Tokugawa Toytomi or destroy nesting against a dark demons that threatens the country Yamatu (a medieval version of Japan). You begin the game in the shrine room of your castle, which is located under the roof of the tallest tower. From there, sends the daimyo (something like the king) of your castle you besieging the country to escape from the evil demons of it. To arrange this, but you first of all from the top of the castle by fighting to the gate, as well as your castle is attacked by the forces of darkness. At the beginning of the game you are only three of the seven warriors available. Including the leader, the Brick and the archer. As you beat them with a bloody path through the castle you encounter four other warriors that you recruit for your company: The Swordsman, the ninja, the magician and the Berserker. All seven fighters are like their names suggest, have been, at different character classes:

• The Berserker is an offensive geskillter warrior who can either fight with two swords, both with and with a spear and has a lot of life energy.

• The swordsman is also aggressively geskillter warrior who can deal with its perfect balance between strength and skill with two swords, a lot of hits, is not clumsy, but also for his skill with bow and arrow.

• The Wizard is the elemental spells geskillter magician who can throw his opponent from a distance deadly fire, water, earth or ice attack contrary. The magic is also the most difficult skill-class, because it takes a lot of life energy, a lot of Ki-energy (mana) and has only basic knowledge of local and long distance campaign has. But he can cause much damage with his spells.

• The Ninja is a projectile weapons and elemental magic geskillter ranger who attacks his opponents from afar with shuriken (throwing stars) or elemental attacks like bursts. Because of the Ninja, a mixed class between sorcerer and archer is only makes the combination of magic and ranged combat strength of the ninja.

• The Brick is a defensive geskillter warrior who draws with a club and thicker armor into battle, and has a lot of life energy. (The Brick has his club only if you give him a spear as a weapon.)

• The archer is as the name suggests, a geskillter on ranged archer attacked by his high skill opponents with a bow and arrow from a distance. For close combat it is through its low energy of life suitable only secondary.

• And the leader, he is the most charismatic of all and keeps it with blacksmith and priest at big discounts. In addition, the leader is not geskillt a battle tactic, but it is rather a mixture of all six character classes and can therefore be completely independent geskillt.

The most difficult thing Throne of Darkness is that you cannot control all seven samurai simultaneously, but only four have available to wait while the other three in the shrine room on their use. Therefore you must always alternate the characters equally, if you want to level up perfectly.

The five castles

As already mentioned you are fighting on the side of one of four selectable castles against the demon spawn. Yamato around the country have to get rid of the evil you fight it through each of the five castles in total. Each castle has a separate shrine room, also you have to fight through to you (except your own castle, you have to start the game so already cleared). Between the castles you traverse all kinds of villages whose residents save their village from the demons have to breed and you must pass through many forests in which it is teeming with monsters. The gameplay is strongly reminiscent of that of Diablo 2, which may be because some of the developers of Throne of Darkness have worked with in the first part of Diablo.

The only safe place in Yamato is your shrine room in your warriors can be withdrawn if they were severely wounded. Or there may be revived by the daimyo, they should have died once. But beware, if all your seven samurai have blessed you are simultaneously the temporal Game Over. Can you serve your shrine room, not only as a retreat but also as a store. Have you for example found a weapon that you use later but still can not now use, because your level is still too low, it is possible you load this gun in your shrine room off. To return from a great distance back in your shrine room can be anywhere in Yamato distributed portals that you need to do is open and you're back in your shrine room.

Collected items must sometimes be identified only by your priest or cleansed. For the good Lord requires of course a little cash for his efforts. And as a little extra money you sold your priest and all sorts of potions and magical chains. Can you think better on your fight against evil chance a few items for your armor or weapons falling into the hands, so you can use this at your blacksmith can apply to your equipment, so you can get the very best from your instrument of wartimes its not the right tool of war have available to you which you can be make by your farrier. Sure you give him a couple of old weapons and armor that you no longer needed and he used the material as a raw material for new and better weapons. Of course, also requires the blacksmith compensation for his efforts.


The technique of Throne of Darkness Although now a little long in the tooth, but the setting, even after ten years, is still one of the best settings I've seen in my life. Diablo fans and I can only advise and item collecting addicted among you, to watch the game even if you can not spy on any software pyramid. It would also be happy if The ones among you who can still remember the game, their opinions and experiences to Throne of Darkness would write in the comment section below.

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