'Dead Island': Its Bloodbath Arena DLC Already Has New Date

Already more than one month has passed since 'Dead Island' went on sale in our country, and its Bloodbath Arena DLC is not always available. We should be able to download it at this point, but it has suffered a delay, by which all that we have the Special Edition of this work of Techland we still be able to use the download code for this game mode in which we will again have to fight to survive, this time attending waves of zombies.

We are almost in the middle of October, and unfortunately even a end of it we will be ready for download. We're going to have to go in the middle of November to do so, and that is the new date limit that has been self-imposed by Techland. To see if this time is good, also still another DLC on the way of the campaign of Ryder. Quite interesting also.

By the way, has you skipped already the attainment of the 28 days later? To me yes, a few minutes ago. It is without doubt the easiest of all the accomplishments of 'Dead Island'. We just have to put the game at least 28 days after the first time that we play him. There is no need to comment on the movie buff wink, no?

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