Fire Emblem 3DS: Trailer and Video With Gameplay (TGS 2011)

Few days have passed after the confirmation of which `Fire Emblem 3DS' was developing. The news that personally hoped like May water, since this saga of Intelligent Systems enchants to me. Since some user has said, now only lacking who arrives new to us Advance Wars and we will already have the perfect stand for casks.

But meanwhile the last one does not arrive we have to do more on first, and is indeed what we are going to do. First with its official trailer (in Japanese), and later with a video of gameplay. In both we can see one of the new features of this delivery, and she is not other than the joint attack. This one will be qualified when a companion is to our side and is within the rank of attack of the rival. For example, if we go with our Lord, and just behind ours we have a magician, when attacking the enemy our magician also will send a fireball to its maximum effectiveness.

If you wait for this `Fire Emblem 3DS' for Christmas, I feel disappointed, because it is not going to us to still arrive. It gives me that the European we are going to have to wait for much, since until the spring of the 2012 will not leave in Japan, so… Patience. That certainly as much delay will be worth the trouble.

Fire Emblem 3DS Trailer

Fire Emblem 3DS Gameplay

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